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HP Elite X3

Customers around the world are finally starting to get the HP Elite x3 flagship smartphone. The Windows 10 Mobile handset is even finally rolling out in the United States. One of the key points of the device is that it is a true powerhouse. It is a business-oriented mini-PC. This means integration with Microsoft’s Continuum service is essential.

Continuum is a service that allows Windows 10 Mobile smartphones to be connected to a screen. Once connected, the handset becomes a PC. The Elite x3 is the most exciting device for this because it simply has a lot of power for performance.

We have long said that Continuum is the ace in Microsoft’s mobile sleeve, and CEO Satya Nadella agrees. To connect a device to a screen mouse, and keyboard, users need the Continuum dock. HP has crafted its own dock, called the Continuum Desk Dock (who would have thought?). The interesting thing about this Elite x3 peripheral is that it will work with any Windows 10 Mobile device.

Bundle Problem

At least any device that is equipped to be compatible with Continuum. Oftentimes manufacturers will create accessories that only work with their product/s. However, Windows Central has found that HP’s Continuum Desktop Dock is universal.

It is worth noting that HP’s device is a dock in the truest sense. Microsoft’s own Continuum dock is merely a device that bridges a smartphone to a screen. The Continuum Desk Dock by HP will actually cradle the device, making a nice looking stand for it.

This presents some limitations. The dock has been designed for the Elite x3, so some devices do not sit in the cradle very well.

Considering the Continuum Desk Dock looks excellent and is more functional than Microsoft’s, you probably want one. The problem is that HP is only selling it bundled with the Elite x3. Yes, we know, you want the Elite x3 too, but for $799 it is a proposition to take up with your bank manager.

We would like to see HP make this dock available as an accessory on its own. We think it would be a good alternative to the $99 Microsoft Continuum dock.