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Among the major announcements at Ignite 2016, Microsoft squeezed in expanded availability of Skype for Business PSTN. The company announced that the service will now be coming to many new countries. 17 nations are receiving the feature, meaning more customers can now access conferencing through Skype.

Microsoft says Skype for Business PSTN conferencing is available in the following countries immediately: Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Monaco, Philippines, Qatar, Russia, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Uruguay and Vietnam.

If you unfamiliar with the service, it gives organizations tools to host and create conferences. The key point of PSTN conferencing is that Skype for Business users can include dial-in phone numbers. In other words, callers on a regular phone line can call into a meeting using their phone.


Of course, there are some limitations. Users on a phone will only get audio and will not see any shared content like files or desktops. PSTN Conferencing is available to customers through Office 365. Skype for Business PSTN supports local numbers for 400 cities in 90 countries.

Microsoft has also expanded the number support. Default city numbers are given to all Office 365 customers. However, users can now get dedicated numbers in cities around the world.

Ignite Skype

The company made other Skype for Business announcements at Ignite this week. Support for the service through Apple’s Mac platform was introduced. Speaking of Apple, Microsoft says that the Skype app for the iPhone will be updated to allow Skype calls through Apple CallKit. This means calls from Skype will be handled the same as a normal phone call.