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Microsoft took the wrappers off Team Foundation Server 2015 Release Candidate 2 this week. This is the latest update for the collaboration platform.

Back in August, the company rolled out the RC1 update with a slew of features. We described that roll out as nearly feature ready, and that seems to be the case. Team Foundation Server 2015 Release Candidate 2 comes with less new features.

Indeed, Microsoft has not issued a changelog. If you are interested in the changes, you can check out TFS 15 release notes.


Barry Harry, Microsoft’s Vice President for Cloud Developer Services says there have been some improvements since RC1. Firstly, there is an improved pull request experience. Pull requests will now auto-complete, Harry says. Lastly, users can now purchase and install paid extensions.

Major Update

It is good to know that this update will not stop an upgrade to the RTM version, according to Barry. He does point out that this is a substantial update though, so may take some time:

“We did a major overhaul of the test results schema – yielding about an 8X reduction in size.  But, during upgrade, the data has to be migrated to the new schema.  The setup should warn you if it looks like your server is going to take a long time.

“Of course, a pre-prod test upgrade is never a bad idea for a large mission critical server.  If your server is going to take a long time, you can contact customer support and they can help you with a script that will do the test schema migration before you do the upgrade, while the TFS server is still online and functional.”