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Microsoft has being doing a lot recently with Bing. Indeed, the company has taken significant strides to making the service “more than a search engine”. The latest update for Bing introduces a bunch of nifty new tools that will appeal to students.

Much of Microsoft’s plans for extending Bing have centered on learning. The search engine has increasingly become a genuine tool for gathering information, and not just looking for it. Bing has proven adept at compiling knowledge in interesting and dynamic ways.

The service blog today announced new initiatives aimed at students. However, we think many users will get something from the new tools.


For those in the classroom, Microsoft says the new features are ideal:

“These experiences cover a wide range of topics—from helping students learn science and history, to giving them tools to explore the English dictionary and expand their vocabulary. This adds to the work we have been doing in the last year to help students learn math and science concepts in a fun and interactive way.”

If you want to see all the tools and how they work, open the gallery below and take a look.