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Microsoft Lists Mobile Improvements Coming in Redstone 2

Microsoft has detailed some key changes coming in Windows 10 Redstone 2, including an enhanced Continuum service and new auditing and management features.


There have been quite a few rumors floating around about . is said to be planning a redesign of the Action Center, a new “People Bar” and more.

At the Ignite conference today Microsoft finally went into detail about some of the upcoming changes. Many of the upgrades are long-awaited, and users will be happy to hear them confirmed.

Windows 10 Redstone 2 Improvements

First up was a whole list of upgrades to Continuum. The service has been due a major update for a while now, and customers will be happy about the following:

  • No more crashing on sleep
  • Proximity connect will let you dock your phone wirelessly when nearby
  • Customizable Start menu
  • Ability to pin to Start
  • Resizable, snappable windows

In addition to this, Microsoft has a number of admin orientated features. You will be able to bulk update phones via USB, and get access to new auditing features.

The new auditing features will allow for SMS logging, paired with the ability to reset a PIN remotely and better -Direct control.

Unfortunately, there was no word on the People Bar or Action Center, so we'll have to wait a little longer to see if those rumors are true. Ignite is a business-first conference, so it's no particular surprise that Microsoft is holding consumer-centered improvements for a later date.

Despite this, the Continuum features will benefit anyone that uses it, and should make the service even closer to the desktop experience.

A big question was that of ARM64 support, and the Redmond giant believes that it's not currently a restriction. There are no Windows devices with more than 4 GB RAM, so it doesn't limit users in any. This could change, however, so Microsoft agreed that it's an important gap.

The average person won't see these features until the April 2017 release, but they'll be coming to Insider builds soon. You can keep updated with the latest Redstone 2 builds here.

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