Microsoft Azure Integrated in Hybrid Cloud Solution through BT Compute

BT has announced a collaboration with Microsoft to use Azure for its new BT Compute solution. The service offers a hybrid cloud product that lets large organizations mix BT’s own cloud features with those of Azure.

Microsoft Clouds Pixels Reuse

British telecommunications giant BT has announced a new service that will run through Azure. BT Compute gives customers the ability to use Azure alongside BT's own offerings. This is achievable through the Compute Management System (CMS) online management service. The new solution gives customers a hybrid experience that will be held on a single BT contract.

The idea behind this product is obviously a play from BT to give customers more choice. Consumers increasingly want more openness and Azure is a leading cloud service. Bringing in as a partner is strategic for BT. The company can give users the ability to expand their cloud reach. With Azure on board, customers will get Microsoft's Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Through the expanded cloud, BT will continue to manage its own cloud services from its 48 global datacenters. In announcing BT Compute, the company's vice president Neil lock said is important for enterprise reach.

He points out that large organizations look for hybrid solutions to suit a variety of needs. One service may not cover all bases, so being able to choose between multiple providers is important. Indeed, Lock cites BT's own research that finds 90% of its biggest customers expects a hybrid public/private cloud service soon.

“Through our relationship with Microsoft, customers can their own environment and enjoy the benefits of Azure whilst removing costly management concerns from the equation. Our Cloud of Clouds portfolio strategy is all about empowering our customers take advantage of the choice, flexibility and control of cloud without concerns about the complexity and .”

Growth of Azure

As for Microsoft, BT Compute represents another major adoption of the Azure platform. The company has quickly grown its cloud service to be a competitor at the top of the market. This transition has been the defining factor of CEO Satya Nadella's ongoing tenure. He has transformed Microsoft into a cloud first company.

Aziz Benmalek, vice president, Worldwide Cloud and Hosting Services, Microsoft Corp, said: “BT is a natural fit to provide managed cloud services on Azure. Through our relationship with BT, we're able to help customers with their infrastructure management and give them the ability to scale their business in a consistent hybrid cloud environment.”

Just yesterday, Australian telecommunications juggernaut Telstra announced a partnership with Microsoft. Using the cloud Office 365 Enterprise and Skype for Business services, the company is offering cloud communications to customers.