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Microsoft Makes Bletchley v1 Available for Azure

Bletchley is an infrastructural substrate which Microsoft says is the next stage of its blockchain support in Azure. This is an early release with more updates to follow.


first talked about Bletchley a few months back. Now the company has announced the launch of an early version of Bletchley v1. The infrastructural substrate is part of Microsoft's support of on the Azure platform.

If you are unfamiliar with Bletchley, it is part of Microsoft's ambition for a modular blockchain fabric. Powered by Azure, the service bring new elements to the enterprise blockchain infrastructure. The company says the release of build v1 will expand its diverse distribute ledger ecosystem.

Deploying and setting up a consortium Ethereum network is now easier. Microsoft has deployed an Azure Quickstart Template that means users with little Azure and Ethereum knowledge can work. The company says a few user inputs and single-click selection can result in a configured blockchain.

Easier Configuration

To make it easier for customers, Microsoft has automated the process. The company says this saves customers from spending hours configuring their infrastructure. Microsoft discusses the topology in its official post:

“At a high level, the template provisions and configures a subnet of mining nodes for each consortium member and a set of load-balanced transaction nodes that members can share to communicate with the network.  Through the administrator web page, you can configure additional Ethereum accounts to get started with smart contract and eventually application development.  For additional information and a detailed walkthrough of the template, we have published a detailed walkthrough.”

Despite Bletchley v1 today, Microsoft is eager to stress that this is indeed just an early release. The company says it will be “releasing often” to ensure the service is up to date. As usual, Microsoft is encouraging customers to give feedback to help the company improve the service.

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