Azure Mobile Apps Node.js SDK Updated to build v3.0

Microsoft’s latest update for Azure Mobile Apps Node.js SDK introduces integrated pre-built filters and hooks. Among the filters are pre-users tables and web hooks.

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If you have been waiting on the next version of Azure Mobile Apps Node.js SDK Server then the wait is over. rolled out the new on Tuesday and brings the service to v3.0. The new release brings with it a number of new features and general improvements. As is usual, the company has also cleaned up a number of bugs.

One of the standout features in the new Azure Mobile Apps Node are new filters and hooks. With v3.0, has packaged a number of common filters and hooks to save users the trouble. However, the company points out that it is still possible to create and distribute customer filters and hooks.

Among the filters now standardized in the service is pre-user tables. These can be used in conjunction with authentication to restrict table data to certain users. Web hooks can be used at the end of data operations to call external HTTP endpoints. Lastly, a record expiry filter has often been among the most requested. V3.0 introduces the ability to prevent access to records older than a certain time.

Microsoft has issued a full changelog for Azure Mobile Apps Node.js SDK v3.0:

  • Data Transforms
  • Filters and Hooks
  • Per-User tables
  • Web Hooks
  • Record Expiry
  • Data Query Improvements
  • Soft Deleted Records
  • Retrieving Records by ID
  • Object Queries
  • Handling Callbacks in Table Functions
  • Breaking Changes

Azure Mobile Apps

Microsoft introduced Node SDK for Azure Mobile Apps alongside Azure App Service support last year. The company says “this enables you to and run mobile backends using Node.js on App Service, as well as add push notifications, mobile auth, offline sync and other mobile features and backend APIs to any Node.js app running on App Services.”

Azure Mobile Apps is a backend that brings mobile support for APIs in .NET and other features like ASP.NET web apps to the .NET language.