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Microsoft Updates GigJam with New Features

Co-working service GigJam now supports interaction styles and content types. Users now have more control over removing content from images and can also send content to offline users.


has introduced a couple of new features for GigJam preview. The company has introduced two new abilities to add support for interaction styles and content types.

GigJam is a co-working tool that helps users connect across a network and share work. The service allows customers to select exactly the information they wish to share. It is possible to share the documents, photos, calendar, email, and line of business information you need. This can be achieved both outside and inside an organization.

The introduction of interaction styles and content types brings several new capabilities to GigJam. The ability to share slices of content to users who are offline has been added. These slices will expire after 24 hours if the recipient does not come online.

Sharing More Image Content

Secondly, Microsoft added a feature to remove content from PDFs, images, and text blocks. This allows more nuanced control over what image parts are sent to a recipient. Microsoft describes the new feature in its official announcement:

“With GigJam, just summon the proposal and the opportunity information from your CRM system, redact the budget details they don't need to see, and send it over to “view for 24 hours.” The recipient can come back later to review and annotate the information. Of course, if you both happen to be online together, you can let them edit the record directly on your behalf.”

Microsoft points out that there are numerous applications for the new features. For example, a user may want to pass on an architectural drawing to a peer but not disclose information like client details. Pulling an image into GigJam can give users tools to cross out relevant information.

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