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Microsoft Reconfirms Native 4K Support for Xbox One Project Scorpio

The company’s upcoming super console will run games with native 4K resolution. Project Scorpio will launch during Holiday Season 2017 and will be the most powerful home console ever.


In the space of the last few months, Microsoft has transformed its Xbox division. The company announced a new Xbox One S that has since launched at E3 during the summer. That event also saw Project Scorpio teased to the public.

The super-console will arrive next year with 4K capabilities. However, until today Microsoft has been coy on what exactly that means.

Sure, the sheer specs and Microsoft’s details suggested true 4K gaming, but nothing was confirmed. Speaking with USA Today, Shannon Loftis said the company will deliver native 4K. The General Manager for Microsoft Studios Publishing says Microsoft is working hard on 4K.

“Any games we’re making that we’re launching in the Scorpio time frame, we’re making sure they can natively render at 4K.”

Project Scorpio will arrive as a variation of the Xbox One and now as a new generation console. Microsoft describes it as the most powerful console ever made. As well as its native 4K capabilities, it will also support virtual reality. The console will sport six teraflops of power and be powered by an octa-core processor.

The device is not expected to launch until Holiday Season 2017. With over a year to go, Microsoft has time to work with developers to make sure 4K support it ready. Games launched around the release of the Project Scorpio will be able to play natively in 4K.

Microsoft’s Good Summer

It has been a good few months for Microsoft’s Xbox division. The Xbox One lags far behind Sony’s PlayStation 4 in terms of sales. That market gulf is unlikely to be regained by Microsoft, no matter how good Project Scorpio is.

However, the Microsoft has had the better summer and is no arguably winning the hardware race. The Xbox One S is sort of a placeholder between the OG Xbox One and Project Scorpio. Despite this, it made enough changes (up scaled 4K, 40% smaller, and UHD support) to look good next to Sony’s recently launched PlayStation 4 Pro.

The PS4 Pro is excellent, make no mistake, but it was also something of a missed opportunity. Sony had the chance to make a true powerhouse vision of the future. Moreover, the company had a whole year before Microsoft’s rival would hit the market. The PS4 Pro could have stolen the show, but it really doesn’t. Sony has admitted that its 4K support is native, but that most times the games will be upscaled.

Let’s see if Microsoft can go one better.

SourceUSA Today
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