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Microsoft Cuts Surface Book Price by 10%, Offers $150 Gift Code with Surface Pro 4

Microsoft has cut the prices of their Surface devices once more, offering the entry-level Surface Book for $1,349, and the 128 GB/ Intel Core i5 Surface Pro 4 model for $849.


Microsoft has cut the price of the Surface Book once more, offering 10% off the entry-level device, now $1,349. The same offer applies to the 128 GB/ Intel Core i5 Surface Pro 4 model, which is now $849.

In addition, purchase of some Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 models will come with a $150 gift code. The savings aren’t major, this could tempt some reluctant customers to make the purchase. Though a voucher may seem like a cop-out, it would be well spent on the variety of Surface accessories.

What to Buy with $150

Though it seems most natural to buy Surface accessories with the gift code, there are also a variety of other items you can buy with $150. We’ve listed some that stood out below:

Note that you can only use the voucher for one item. This means any leftover balance will be lost, so it’s better to get an item as close to $150 as possible. It’s also worth checking the terms of service before you decide, as it might not apply to all items. The offer ends on October 1st.

It’s also worth checking Amazon before you make the purchase. Many Surface devices can be bought for cheaper there, even with the current discounts. Additionally, Microsoft is allegedly planning a launch event next month with Surface refreshes, so it might be worth waiting a little longer.

As is often the case, both offers are U.S. only. However, UK customers can take advantage of an even better deal. The Surface Pro 4 models come with a number of free accessories, worth over £568 in some cases.

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