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Microsoft Supports GoDaddy Domain Connect Initiative

GoDaddy's Domain Connect protocol allows users to connect a DNS to a service provider in a single click. Microsoft is one of the first supporters of the program, and you can now use the service with Office 365.


Configuring a domain name isn't rocket science, but admittedly it's a lot harder than it could be. It usually involves updating DNS records, a process that some customers find confusing.

As a result, GoDaddy has released a protocol named Domain Connect. The service allows users to connect their domain to a website easily, and is implemented by both the DNS and service provider.

Benefits of Domain Connect

Other than a faster setup, Domain Connect reduces the need for extensive documentation. Usually, companies will have to publish complex guides which can differ for each provider. As it's almost impossible to keep up, these documents are often out of date and hard to follow.

Domain Connect will reduce the need for maintenance of these documents while still making it easier for the user.

It also means that there's less chance of a problem, taking some of the load off technical support.

Microsoft Support

As a result of these benefits, has announced their support for the initiative immediately:

“Microsoft wants to make things as easy as possible for our customers,” said Microsoft Corporate Vice President Rajesh Jha.”That's why Domain Connect can be so powerful, it can do the work on the back-end and enable an Office 365 customer to more easily and quickly make desired DNS changes.”

Microsoft will sit at the “service provider” end of the chain. This means that Office 365 customers can now associate a domain even more efficiently.

According to GoDaddy Senior Vice President Charles Bendall, the change was inspired by customer feedback:

“We noticed how happy our customers were when we developed an earlier system to make DNS changes easier, and the Domain Connect APIs are an extension of that,” He says. “We wanted to bring the same simplicity we give GoDaddy customers to the entire domain and web services industry.”

So far, most of the major service providers are on board. The six currently available include Microsoft, Shopify, Shopmatic, SmugMug, SquareSpace, WiseStamp, and Wix.

You can find all of the technical details on the GoDaddy engineering blog.

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