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Microsoft Partners with Ping Identity for Remote Access to on-Premises Web Apps

Microsoft's partnership with Ping Identity will bring secure remote access to legacy web applications, as well as PingFederation support for Azure AD Connect.


On Wednesday, announced another partnership for Azure AD. Ping Identity is the creator of PingAccess, a solution that Microsoft describes as “the best enterprise solution available today for managing access to all kinds of legacy applications.”

The collaboration will allow for the integration of this technology into Azure AD Application Proxy. As a result, customers will be able to access on-premises web applications quickly and securely.

Access to Legacy Applications

PingAccess's main contribution is support for applications that don't support open standards. According to Alex Simmons, leader of the Azure AD team, the idea comes from customer feedback.

“Many of our customers use the Application Proxy extensively and have told us that they'd like to be able to use it with their applications that do not support these standards,”he says,“That's why we're partnering with Ping Identity.”

The support covers a “huge set of non-standards,” and includes web applications that use header-based authentication or are protected by Web Access Management. Customers can utilize it for twenty applications at no additional cost, or purchase a full license from Ping for more.

PingFederate Support

As a further aspect of the partnership, Microsoft will add support for PingFederate in Azure AD Connect. According to Simmons, the SAML server is the third most popular cloud service on Azure.

Data shows that 1.6 million unique users logged into Azure AD using PingFederate last week alone. As a result, Connect integration will make it easier for thousands of customers to get it up and running.

There's no word on when exactly this functionality will come, but we know that the public preview for PingAccess on Azure AD will start in early 2017.

Until then, you can read up on the details via the TechNet blog post.

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