Microsoft Updates Skype for Android with Accessibility Support for Bot Cards

Skype for Android version 7.16 allows lets bot cards adapt to accessibility options, fixes stability issues on Samsung devices and resolves screen orientation issues.

Skype For Android Bot Cards Accessibility Own

has updated their app for Android today with several fixes and improvements. The main focus is on Samsung devices, who were experiencing connectivity issues on OS 6.1 and 5.11.

The also resolves issues with orientation when recording video, as well as adding accessibility support for bot cards.

For those not yet familiar, bot cards give a better interpretation of information through a visual interface. This is particularly useful for bots such as Skyscanner, and allows you to swipe through multiple flights. The new support will allow them to display correctly on devices with modifications such as large font size.

Skype for Android 7.16 Changelog

The specific wording of updates is sometimes important, and as a result, we've listed the full changes for you below:

  • “Accessibility support for cards from Bots
  • Resolved issues related to changing device orientation while recording a video message
  • Improved app reliability on Samsung devices running OS 6.01 and 5.1
 This will go a long way in fixing issues users have been complaining about for a while. It builds on the previous , which added quick access to a bot's profile in group conversations, as well as some important fixes and improvements.

Skype for Android Version 7.15

The previous version of for Android didn't roll out that long ago, and that may be why some users are frustrated with the frequency of updates.

However, the came with some critical fixes and improvements, so it's easy to see why thought it was essential:

  • “Quick access to a bot's profile from a group chat message
  • Improved one-to-one video calling experience
  • Fixed issue with sign-in or sign-out occurring on some Samsung devices
  • Fixed issue with adding participants to a one-to-one call”

Despite the app's buggy history in recent past, it's hard to deny that the team is working hard to remedy all the problems. Unfortunately, some users are reporting issues with the latest two builds already.

According to Play Store reviews, Skype credit shows as zero despite being higher, and video and voice call buttons don't work in some menus.

If you can stomach that, the latest version of is available on the Google Play Store now.