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Microsoft Garage Debuts LOOP SDK for In-App Location Services

LOOP is the latest service from Microsoft Garage. The service gives developers tools to integrate location analytics into their iOS and Android apps.


Garage is rolling out yet another new project in the form of Location and Observation Platform (LOOP). The service targets app developers to make creation easier for them. Using the LOOP SDK, developers can integrate location analytics on both Android and iOS.

With the LOOP SDK for Android and iOS, developers can sync location signals with platform servers. This allows apps to aggregate location stats using the LOOP developer dashboard.

Once LOOP is implemented, dev's can see where app users are in the real world. Below are the full details, including Realtime view and the ability to export data.

  • Location analytics: View aggregate stats on where your users are in the real world.
  • Realtime view: Get a realtime feed of how many users are sending signals and receiving location insights.
  • Export data: Export location histories to your Azure Blob or Amazon S3 account (coming soon) for your own analysis.

The system works by turning GPS and network latitude and longitude signals into location insights. Developers can implement location service into their apps easier. The service is built around three specific insights: known locations (home and work), drives, and trips.

According to WalkingCat, the LOOP service will not be free. For developers, the service will be capped to a certain number of signals that can be sent. Enterprise users will get unlimited signals and insights, but will need to pay. However, at the moment the beta release is free to use.

Microsoft Garage

Yesterday, Microsoft Garage released Video Breakdown. The service uses machine intelligence to analyze a video content using Cognitive Service and Azure Media Analytics. The service also uses in other Azure products (Websites, Blob storage, Search, and Media Services.

Microsoft Garage is known for allowing teams within the company to collaborate. They can create things that Microsoft would not otherwise make and work with people from other teams. Many Garage projects take some features from existing Microsoft services.

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