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Microsoft Launches Overhaul of Educator Portal

Microsoft's educator portal has received a major overhaul, with re-organized categories, filterable content, personal recommendations and more.


If you're not in the teaching industry, you may not have heard 's Educator portal. It offers hundreds of teaching resources, including projects, certificates, and the ability to share your work with others.

Of course, such a wide range of content needs an intuitive way of browsing, and Microsoft has now updated the design of the portal to fit more with their image.

Release notes

The Microsoft in team has given a summary of all of the changes the blog. The overall goal was to make the portal more efficient, personalized and discoverable.

More Efficient

  • “The categories and subcategories have been reorganized so that all sections of the site are easily accessible.
  • You can now hover over content tiles to get more information about it before you click, as well as click to up vote, comment, and share while on the hover screen.
  • A filter button is there when you want it to help you find the exact piece of content you want quickly– when you don't need it, simply hide it with one click.
  • The homepage now arranges content more efficiently to minimize scrolling; immediately see featured, new, and popular content to find relevant, engaging content right away.

More Personalized

  • Personalized content recommendations, made possible by Azure Machine Learning, now appear when you consume courses and content to offer suggestions for next steps in your journey based on your needs and interests.
  • The site is organized to suit the needs of educators with different goals, organized under four personas —Training and professional development-focused, Information Seekers, Skypers, and Contributors. The new navigation is built to simplify discoverability for each persona, serving different needs of different educators in the best way.
  • With the updated Learning Path summary, a checkbox will appear next to completed courses, and an icon next to those in progress, so you know exactly where you are on your journey. A description will also appear on the overview page, along with creation date, duration, and status.

More Discoverable

  • A new community navigation menu along the left side of your screen is always there to make sure you never get lost– no more going back to the home page to find another section. Don't need it? Simply select “Community Menu” again to hide it.
  • Always know where you are with color-coded categories and a new consistency to the structure of different pages on the site.”

These changes mark a big step forward the community, and should reduce the amount of time educators spend browsing for content. You can can try it out for yourself here.

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