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Reports Suggest End of Lumia Sales in December, Microsoft Director Mentions Surface Phone

Amid reports of an end to Lumia sales this year, a Microsoft director has been mentioning the Surface Phone, leading to speculation that the device will release next year.


The decline of Microsoft’s Lumia line is no secret at this point. Filings have shown a decline in sales time and time again, and many have declared it “dead” already.

The tech giant has been doing its own work to fuel these accusations, cutting thousands of jobs and all but halting production. However, according to WinBeta, sales may halt altogether come December.

An anonymous Microsoft employee told the news outlet that the company is preparing to end sales in December 2016. This information fits Microsoft’s attitude towards the line of late, with a permanent cut in prices in what could be an effort to dump remaining stock.

Other stores such as Amazon have been offering sales also, pointing to an end in production at the very least.

Of course, the withdrawal of the Lumia series could suggest that Microsoft has some kind of replacement in mind.

The Rise of the Surface Phone?

As the price cuts and rumors float around, Director of Engineering Laura Janet Butler has mentioned the Surface Phone an awful lot.

During the Apple event, the self-proclaimed “Star Treknical Goddess” did little to shut down rumors about the Surface phone:


Though they’re far from a confirmation, the tweets do stoke the rumor mill a bit more. In the past, senior Microsoft figures have seemed very reluctant to mention the Surface Phone at all. The announcement that it’s “not NOT” confirmed suggests that at the very least Microsoft is open to the idea.

All of these factors could point to a Surface Phone release sometime in the new year. It would definitely be strange for Microsoft to step out of the mobile hardware market altogether.

Let us know what you think in the comments. Should Microsoft just call it a day, or do they have an ace up their sleeve?

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