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Microsoft Loses Ground to Chrome in August: Edge and IE Fall 2.15%

The latest market figures show Microsoft continued to lose combined browser user share during the last month. Edge is holding steady, but Internet Explorer is losing users to Google Chrome.


cannot be faulted for its Edge browser strategy. The company has added numerous features since launching the browser on last year. Indeed, Edge increasingly feels a fleshed out as mature rivals like Chrome and Mozilla. However, it has also coincided in a downturn in Microsoft browser fortunes.

Of course, Microsoft was the long-time market leader in terms of . This year saw 's Chrome take over Internet Explorer at the top of the market. Microsoft's Edge is simply not ready to take the fight to Google. The problem Microsoft faces is that Chrome continues to grow as its own overall browser share.

Net Market Share shows that in August the company's combined share was 32.54%, down 2.15% from July. The decline definitely seems a real trend as this is the sixth consecutive month Microsoft lost browser market share. Incidentally, it is also the second worst decline the company has suffered in 11 years.

On the Edge

The only saving grace for Microsoft is that much of the user drain seems to come from Internet Explorer. IE slipped by 12% from July to August. Edge is doing ok, but Microsoft faces a problem. Edge is much improved, but while the company improves the service, users are migrating to Chrome instead of waiting for improvements.

And it is definitely Chrome that is attracting the bleeding IE user base. Google's browser shifted upwards by 3.02% to 53.97% user share. Mozilla's Firefox has not managed to build on Microsoft's struggles. The browser is still in third place but now has 7.69%, down 0.4% month on month.

Let us know if you think Edge can grow fast enough to stop Chrome running away with the browser market.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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