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Windows 10 Enterprise E3: Microsoft Releases as Partner Delivered Cloud Service

Several CSPs are selling Windows 10 Enterprise E3, including ALSO, Tech Data, and Synnex. The plan costs $7 a month and offers advanced security without the need for a long-term volume licensing agreement.


has implemented customer feedback today with the availability of Enterprise E3 as a partner delivered cloud service. Businesses of any size can now get the latest security, management, and control features without a long-term volume licensing agreement.

The company first announced the Enterprise E3 in the Cloud Solution at the Worldwide Partner Conference in July. It costs $7 a month, giving businesses enterprise-grade security at a lower cost.

Small Business Product Manager Nic Fillingham talked about the uses of the product in a blog post:

“Windows 10 Enterprise E3 was designed for businesses that handle sensitive customer data (such as credit card or social security numbers), operate in regulated industries, or create and monetize intellectual property. These businesses need enterprise-grade security and management capabilities found in the Windows 10 Enterprise edition such as Device Guard, Credential Guard and Managed User Experience.”

Users can upgrade to an Enterprise edition through the Azure Active Directory. Tech Data, ALSO, and Synnex are launching the plan too, and support all Enterprise offerings. This will let organizations with no in-house IT upgrade without the need for additional hiring.

Windows 10 Enterprise E5

Microsoft also announced a release date for their more expensive E5 program. It will become available for CSPs on October 1st, providing another tier of security.

Enterprise E5 has the same features of Microsoft's E3 plan but with some important distinctions. It will support the latest Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection.

The protection acts as an early barrier against cyber attacks, detecting and dealing with incoming threats on enterprise networks. This will be the only version of Windows the feature is available for.

E5 also has more advanced IT administration functionality.  Fillingham didn't mention the price, but it's likely to cost considerably more than its counterpart.

More information about both services is available on the Windows blog.

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