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Microsoft Dev Center Update Brings UWP App Submissions to Xbox One

The company’s Universal Windows Platform plans are taking shape. An update to the Dev Center means UWP app submissions are now open for those wanting to add their apps to the Xbox One console.


updated the Dev Center today, introducing a very big new feature. The company has now opened the door for developers to submit their UWP apps to the . UWP is the Universal Windows Platform, Microsoft's project for making apps and games functional across all Windows 10 devices.

The new update to Dev Center is a very big step in the UWP initiative. The Universal Windows Platform has been previewed throughout the year. It was rolled out with the Anniversary Update on August 2. At the time, Microsoft said the more details regarding app development for the Xbox One would come at the end of the month.

True to its word, the company has now rolled out the feature. This means developers can now start submitting their Windows 10 UWP apps to work on the Xbox One platform. The console is a huge part of Microsoft's UWP plans. It will house apps and Cortana through Windows 10 and users will eventually be able to play games across Windows 10 devices.

New Features

Speaking of games, developers can still not submit those to the Xbox One yet. Microsoft has said for some time that to submit a UWP game for the console, you need to go through ID@Xbox. Aside from app development submissions, Microsoft introduced the following changes to Dev Center today:

  • Submit apps and games to Xbox One
  • Reduce the risk of a new app release with gradual package rollout
  • Communicate optional and required hardware preferences
  • Ensure customers have an ideal experience with your app or game through mandatory updates
  • Simplify cross-device development with Store–managed consumables
  • Streamline app management with the Submission API and simplified device family targeting
  • Enhance your business analysis through improved reports: lifetime add-on acquisitions, an enhanced Feedback report and the new Real time report
  • Work faster in Dev Center using the new dashboard view

To submit apps, dev's will need the Windows 10 Anniversary Update SDK build 14393. You can check out the full details regarding the update in Microsoft's official blog at the source.

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