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Microsoft Publicly Releases New MSN News and Groove Music Features for Windows 10

The latest insider updates have now rolled out to everyone, bringing Groove's new explore and metadata editing, and a dark theme for MSN News.


Back in July, we reported on Groove and MSN News‘ new features, and yesterday began rolling them out to non-insiders. The updates push up to version 4.13.47 and to 3.6.2398.

The main change for MSN News users is the addition of a new light/dark theme option. Bright white backgrounds and black text have been inverted to reduce eyestrain and give out less blue light.

Groove Music Improvements

The Groove app update is far more major, adding some additions that take it one step closer to its rivals. Foremost in this is the new “Explore” pane and local metadata editing.

Explore is geared towards subscribers and adds a whole host of new playlists to the service. Curated by Groove editorial team, the feature is very similar to Spotify's “Browse.”

Playlists are sorted by setting  and mood.  For example, a user can select between Dinner, Driving, Romantic, Rage, and more. The will reflect this, seeking to enhance positive emotions and reduce negative ones.

At the moment the new Explore pane is limited to the US, UK, Germany, France, and Canada for . Microsoft says it will expand the feature to other regions and devices if it proves successful.

The second feature is aimed at users that use Groove as an intermediary for their personal music library. Previously, it was difficult to edit the name, album art, and artist. Now the functionality is supported within the app via right click and lets users correct pesky auto detection mistakes.

Some users are reporting that the update hasn't rolled out to them yet, and this could be due to region restrictions. Here in the UK I see no update option, but some users have managed just fine, so mileage may vary.

You can check yourself by visiting the Store page here. The new MSN News app is also available, and can be downloaded now.

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