Microsoft Updates Sticky Notes on Windows 10 with UI Improvements and More

Sticky Notes version 1.1.24 lowers the minimum window size, improves memory performance and boot perf, and fixes several bugs.

Sticky Notes Screenshot Microsoft

's has received its second this month, bringing some UI tweaks, bug fixes, and memory tweaks. This pushes the app's version up to 1.1.24.

The information was revealed by Sticky Notes engineering manager Donovan Lange on , where he also went into some more detail about the changes.

Though it doesn't add any major features, the should help remedy some of the applications' minor annoyances. The minimum size issue was a particularly frustrating on small screens, so it's great to see that change. Memory and boot perf improvements are always welcome too.

v1.17 Sticky Notes Update

Last week, pushed out a different update as a result of user feedback. A lot of users were reporting boot issues with the application, and according to Lange this has now been fixed.

The update also brought support for smaller font sizes. This is likely what spurred the change to minimum window size, and also caters to smaller screens.

Another change will be very welcome for Korean users. Previously, typing in Korean IME resulted in frequent crashes in-app. Official support for the language has now been added.

Here are the full patch notes for that version:

  • “A number of users have reported a serious problem where the app does not boot. This has been fixed.
  • Additionally, StickyNotes would often crash when entering input using a Korean IME. This has also been addressed.
  • If you've upgraded from a previous version of , you may have been struck by the new default font size and window sizing in the new experience. Based on your feedback, we've taken steps to improve the experience and tweaked both the default font and window size to be smaller.”

If you're not an Insider, you can get version 1.17 of Sticky Notes here. Those in the fast lane should see the download for the later 1.1.24 version immediately.