Cache Screenshot Microsoft

The appearance of a website reveals a new Microsoft Garage project. Cache is a visual bookmarking tool that lets users quickly bookmark text, images, and files that are useful to them.

It appears to work very similar to Pocket, letting you save and organize content and access it on any device. Unfortunately, the application is currently invite-only, but you can register your interest on the official website.

Do We Need Another Bookmark App?

Twitter user WalkingCat was the first to spot the website and immediately made a comparison to the leaked OneClip:


Other Twitter users made comparisons to different third party tools, raising the question of whether or not the application is really necessary. This is likely why Microsoft is asking people to register interest before developing it further.

Looking at the video, however, it’s clear that there will be some major advantages over the competition. The app is integrated straight into the Windows 10 platform, allowing for features that beat the competitors.

Cache works through an expandable sidebar. It allows users to simply drag and drop the content they want into the pane. This extends to images, specific text snippets and whole web pages. I’m a die-hard Pocket user but can already see myself switching.

You can also use Cache as a simple note-taking tool in replacement of Google Keep or Sticky Notes. This has the added benefit of giving you reminders to view certain content, and no doubt there are plans for Cortana integration.

While signing up, the website asks which device you use, and states “currently Windows and iPhones,” which suggests they have plans to bring it to other platforms.

It could be a while until Cache sees the light of day, but in the meantime, you can sign up for testing and will also benefit from the latest news and updates via email.