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Pokémon GO Bubble Bursts: Mobile Game Monster Bleeding Users

After taking the world by storm through July, Pokémon GO’s user base is falling off a cliff. This month alone, the Niantic developed title has lost 12 million users.


Not that we a psychic here at WinBuzzer, but we are not at all surprised by this. Pokémon GO is shedding users almost as quickly as it gained them in the first place. Indeed, the buzz around the game is certainly on the wane and it appears that Pokémon GO was just a fad.

Ok, it is still being used by millions of users, but so many have left it is more than a blip. At its peak in mid-July, the game had 45 million daily users. Make no mistake, Pokémon GO was a cultural phenomenon. It was impacting economics in the service industry and raising social concerns around crime.

However, it is shaping to be a very limited cultural phenomenon. Since the start of August the title has shed 12 million users. There are now just over 30 million daily users. If that number stayed static, Pokémon GO would still be a monster. The problem is, this departure of users seems terminal. Downloads and users times on the game have all flopped.

No Way Back

While personal anecdotes mean little, indulge me. When Pokémon GO hit, five members (all of them) of my family downloaded the game and actively used it. Four weeks on and not one of them even has the app on their device anymore. It is a microcosm of the situation faced by Nintendo and developer Niantic.

Many remaining Pokémon GO fans may say that all hugely successful mobile games can be classed as fads. However, other monster successes like Candy Crush and Angry Birds are still played by million to this day. Pokémon GO’s bleeding user base decline is more worrying.

One of the things we find ironic is the position of Windows phone users. As we have covered, no official Pokémon GO app has not been launched on the platform. Considering the decline in users, we would suggest that Niantic will never release the game on Windows. One possibility is that the company does launch it on Windows phone to try to claw back users.

We are hardly surprised Pokémon GO has declined. It was a fun game, but it was a taxing experience too. There is only so much running around a city to find little virtual monsters that gamers can evidentially take.

So, have we just unfairly pissed all over Pokémon GO, or are we correct. Let us know in the comments below.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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