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Microsoft Updates Next Lock Screen to v3.7.1

The latest update for the Android Next Lock Screen app sees Microsoft double down on performance improvements and give users more freedom when managing notifications.


is continuing to push it applications. The company has issued a new update for the Next Lock Screen application on 's mobile platform. With this release, the service moves to version number v3.7.1. This is actually a robust roll out with improvements and even a couple of new features.

Described as a lock screen for busy professionals, Next Lock Screen gives a device an extra security layer. It also offers quick access to features and services on an Android handset. Since it was launched on the platform, Microsoft's app has been successful.

Indeed, it has been downloaded nearly 70,000 times and has a weighted 5-star rating. Most Android users have praised the app. This follows a trend of successful Microsoft services on the rival platform.

Update v.3.7.1 for the Next Lock Screen brings with it a number of new features. The screen no longer lights if it is in a pocket and receives a notification.

Users are now also able to manage their notifications and decide what is important to them.

Update Changes

Microsoft has also made a number of enhancements and improvements. You can check them out in the changelog below:

  1. Focus vs other notifications. Manage what notifications are important for you.
  2. Fix bug for dismiss notifications.
  3. Improve battery life and memory usage for Bing wallpaper service.
  4. Reduce memory usage by removing unused views.
  5. Fix bug sometimes wallpaper fail to show when previewing it in wallpaper setting.
  6. Fix bug sometimes wallpaper reverts to default wallpaper.
  7. When phone is in pocket, does not light up screen when new notifications arrive.

It has only been a couple of weeks since Microsoft launched the previous update for Next. As we reported, version 3.6.1 debuted a notable performance increase and a take it or leave is animated arrow icon.

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Luke Jones
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