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Microsoft Reveals Sourcerer, a New Research App for Students

20-50 lucky students will get a chance to test Sourcerer, an app Microsoft claims will make research faster and more intuitive.


aided students everywhere with the addition of “Researcher” to Word last month. It appears that the company is not done quite yet, however, and is creating a research focused app for Android.

The app is in development for Android phone 4.0 and higher and wants to make research fast and intuitive. It will release in affiliation with Microsoft's experimental Garage hub.

Sourcerer Requirements

Of course, it's very early stages yet, but some lucky participants will get a chance to test-drive the tool. The team is looking for 20-50 people to participate in a private study. The details are listed below:

What are we looking for?

  • Students (undergrads, grads, PhD candidates) and full-time researchers who will be actively working in August/September on an academic research project (could be on any topic, from any department).
  • Participants must have an Android phone with OS 4.0 or later (To check your version, go to Settings > System > About phone.)
  • Participants must be willing to try out the app for one month for their research. 
  • Location doesn't matter—we can communicate remotely on email, Skype, etc.

What do you need to do?

  • Email us ([email protected]) and tell us you want to participate.
  • Keep doing your research, and use Sourcerer when appropriate.
  • Fill out a short survey when you install the app.
  • Fill out a follow-up survey two weeks later.
  • After a month of usage, participate in a phone/Skype interview so we can get your feedback on our app.”

As you can see, the process is very involved. Users will have to actively give feedback and participate in Skype interviews. However, Microsoft says that participation will come with some benefits.

The main advantage is faster research speed, but participating also gives users a chance to help shape a tool for other researchers and be a big part of the Insider community.

If you meet all of those requirements, you can head over to the official post to read up on the details.

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