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Microsoft announces annotation feature for Video Pulse

The new updates opens the annotation feature up to non-live pulses, also bringing Twitter and OneDrive sharing, as well as some bug fixes.


Users of 's Video Pulse will be happy to hear of a major feature that was added on Wednesday. Annotations have expanded from live events, allowing you to take notes on anything in your dashboard.

This should help to refine content based on user reaction. Customers can note how the audience responds to video and add context to peaks and troughs.

How to use Pulse Annotations

The new functionality works similarly to live events. You go to the event on the Pulse dashboard and simply select “add annotation,” then click on the moment.

From there, Pulse automatically adds a timestamp, though you can adjust this manually. After you fill out your comment, you can save each note as either public or private.

“Your audience can click on these public annotations to fast forward directly to that portion of the video,” says a Microsoft spokesperson,“which makes public video annotations a great way to share highlights and important moments.”

You can modify annotations at any time, and can share public notes by posting to Twitter or clipping to OneNote. Annotations can be deleted at any time, though you will have to remove any Tweets manually.

You can use the annotations with the Snapshot API to extracts the insights, creating fine-tuned data from distinct periods. You can learn how to do this using the official documentation.

As well as the new feature, Microsoft has fixed some issues, namely the inability to download data to Excel. You can view the full list of changes on the Engage website. To make use of the capabilities, sign into your Pulse account here.

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