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Microsoft Releases Alerting and Monitoring Preview for Azure Backup

Alerting and Monitoring for Azure Backup will simplify Recovery Services and bring backup monitoring to customers on-premises and in the cloud.


has been making a number of Azure-related announcements this week. Amongst them is a preview release of alerting and monitoring for Azure backup. The feature was announced by the Azure team on Tuesday. Microsoft says this is among the most requested featured by users.

In the post Microsoft is continuing to simplify the Recovery Services vault experience. The alerting and monitoring allows companies to track cloud backups for on-premises and Azure LaaS virtual machines. This is achieved in a single dashboard.

Users can also create email notifications for backup alerts. Customers already using Azure through the recovery services vault need to update to get the latest features. Microsoft says eEmail notifications need to be turned off before joining the new program.

The company also details how to enroll for subscriptions of the preview release:

Step 1: Login to your Azure account from Windows PowerShell. Learn more on how to install Azure PowerShell.

PS C:> Login-AzureRmAccount

Step 2: Select the subscription which you want to register for preview

PS C:>  Get-AzureRmSubscription –SubscriptionName “Subscription Name” | Select-AzureRmSubscription

Step 3: Register this subscription for alerting preview

PS C:>  Register-AzureRmProviderFeature -FeatureName MABAlertingFeature –ProviderNamespace Microsoft.RecoveryServices

Recent Azure Improvements

As mentioned, Microsoft has been busy with Azure announcements lately. On Tuesday the company announced expanded and new certifications. The new certificates mean Microsoft has passed regulatory demands in a number of new countries.

On Tuesday the Azure MVP Program was also launched. Microsoft says it is searching for cloud experts to become a part of the new expanded program. Other recent Azure changes include Application Insights Performance Counters for Azure Web Apps. Furthermore, Microsoft announced last week it is phasing out Azure RemoteApp in favor of deeper Citrix Ties.

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