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Microsoft Edge Upgrades HTML 5 Support on Windows 10 Redstone 2

Through a series of experiemental features, the browser can now reach 500/555 on HTML5test, beating Google Chrome by eight points.


The Windows Anniversary Update came with some significant improvements to Edge, but it appears is not finished quite yet. The build number is now at 39.14901, and with the increase comes a better HTML 5 benchmark.

Microsoft's Edge now scores 500 out of 555 points on HTML5test, rather than the previous 466. The functionality comes as a part of Build 14901, which came to the slow ring last Thursday.

Edge Improvements on Build 14901

The jump in score is due to a series of features that ship with the latest development version of Edge. You can test them out for yourself by editing the about:flags page in your browser.

You will notice a few changes there:

Composition engines: You can now choose between Selfhost, Canary and Stable composition engines, which will replace the default.

Web RTC: Changes also come to the WebRTC section, where you can enable WebRTC 1.0. Web real-time communication is a standard that allows voice, video, text and file sharing without the need for additional extensions.

Service Workers: This gives Edge an array of new features, including better offline experiences, background, sync, push notifications and more. Usually, these services would require a native application, so it's great to see it built in.

Fast Networking: You can now select fast networking in options, allowing you to enable fetch based network stack, which was written to allow coding to cross-platform abstractions.

The opt-in features allow Edge to surpass Chrome's 492 in the performance benchmark, making it one of the fastest HTML5 browsers around. If you're on the latest Insider build then you can run the test yourself, but don't forget to do the following:

  • Disable “Allow Adobe Flash Player localhost loopback.”
  • Disable “Allow unrestricted memory consumption for web pages”
  • Uncheck “Disable Pointer event interfaces”
  • Set “Use legacy set internal behavior” to off
  • Put the Composition Engine to Canary
  • Set Enable touch events to “Only on when a touchscreen is detected.”
  • Change “Fire compatible mouse events in response to the tap gesture”  to “Only on when touch is enabled”
  • Change “Enable VP9 video format” to Automatic
  • Restart the browser

Let us know what you think of the new features, and keep updated with the latest Redstone 2 builds here.

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