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Spotify Adds Gaming Section to Windows and Windows Mobile

The new category collects thousand of tracks and albums, including Fifa 16, Abzu, Dead Space 3, Final Fantasy XV and more.


It's no secret that as gaming grows, so does the popularity of games' soundtracks. Quality varies heavily based on budget and talent, however, and there are some that are truly terrible. That's where 's new gaming category comes in.

The selection posts a whole host of different playlists and tracks, from EDM, to retro, to specific game soundtracks. It's a feature I've been waiting a while for – some of the tracks are definitely good enough to stand on their own.

The feature seems to have a dual purpose. It provides to those who just like listening standalone and also has gaming soundscape collections specifically for when you're playing.

Track Selection

With the introduction comes some new releases. No Man's Sky, for example, is on there already. Other additions include Fallout 4, Uncharted 4 and Dark Souls III.

In addition, Spotify have added some of their “Guest Lists.” Gamers such as Day[9] and Sneaky Zebra have their own playlists, alongside publications such as Polygon and GamesRadar.

A new Gamer's Hub has been released too, allowing you to create a playlist which is tailored to your taste. It has all of the playlists rather than just the select few available on the client.

Despite this, I still found Spotify's gaming section to be quite limited. There are plenty of great soundtracks on the service that they have neglected to add, and I can't quite work out why.

Red Dead Redemption, one of the most highly praised soundtracks ever, was missing. As is The Banner Saga and several others. It could be that Spotify is planning to cycle the soundtracks in and out to keep things fresh.

In all, Spotify has done well to cater to the niche. The popularity of Xbox's background music feature shows that playing carefully selected music is the preference of many, and the titles can only be expected to expand from here on out.

The new feature is available now on all platforms, including Windows, , iOS, and Playstation. No need to update – simply go to the “Browse” section and it should be there already.

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