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Microsoft Announces Real-Time Data Support for Power BI Dashboard

Microsoft announced real-time capabilities earlier this year, but the new update extends these further


Power BI Program Manager Sirui Sun revealed in a blog post yesterday that Power BI now supports real-time data flow from the dashboard. The dashboard integration has been designed for an easy setup, while still retaining all of the information users need to make decisions.

“Real-time data empowers users to make quick decisions on time-sensitive information, and to identify emergent trends as they happen,” says Sun, “Power BI further amplifies the power of real-time data with an easy setup process, and an array of powerful visualization and analysis tools.”

How it Works

Real-time tiles utilize PubNub to push data to the Power BI Rest APIs. For those unfamiliar, PubNub is a real-time data streaming service that is used across industries to build web and mobile applications.

PubNub has designed the streaming datasets to stream to the dashboard quickly and efficiently. It can also be integrated with Azure Stream Analytics, for which documentation will be coming soon.

“The power of real-time data, combined with the 60+ data sources already available in Power BI, allows you to create a truly 360-degree view of your business,” says Sun.

And getting it all to work is relatively simple. As usual, has provided extensive documentation:

  • “Need sample streaming data? Check out PubNub's real-time data stream examples, or our sample app on GitHub, which pushes data to the Power BI streaming APIs.
  • Leave us feedback on UserVoice! We'd love to hear any ideas, comment or questions that you might help. Together, we can push the boundaries of real-time data visualization and analysis!
  • Read the full documentation.”

Sun's announcement post also runs over the setup quickly, and can be found here.

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