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Microsoft Asks Insiders What Apps They Want for Continuum

The email survey asks users to rate different app categories from 1 to 5 for importance, as well as what specific apps they would like to see on Continuum.


Last year offered some of its Insiders some of the latest Mobile gear, including the Lumia 950XL and Display Dock. In return, Insiders were expected to give feedback and provide Microsoft with ideas to improve.

Since then, Microsoft has been relatively quiet on the question front. They haven't been asking much of the participants, but with Redstone 2 around the corner, the company seems to be ramping things up a little. First on the agenda is  apps.

Microsoft has sent an email asking for rating on five different categories of apps, including:

  • Apps for productivity at work
  • Apps for productivity at home
  • Apps for entertainment
  • Apps for
  • Games for Continuum

The Insiders have to number the categories one to five in order of importance. They have also been asked to provide names of apps they'd like to on Continuum and . Microsoft will use this data to “understand what apps are important to users.”

Asking for specific apps is a strange move on Microsoft's part. It's difficult to tell if they're asking for their own development purposes, or if they have plans to work with others to bring their apps to the platform.

Continuum on the Lumia 830

The new apps could have implications further than the that support Continuum officially. Developer Gustave M recently proved that the service was possible on his Lumia 830.

With a bit of tweaking and fiddling with registry files, it ran relatively smoothly, albeit a crash or two. It was originally assumed that the older model Lumias didn't have the processing power for Continuum, but the developer reports that the device wasn't even running hot.

Following this, another developer managed to get it to run on a  Lumia 635, which has just 512MB of RAM. Unfortunately, those wanting to use the capabilities themselves will be out of luck.

It appears that Continuum is only possible with access to internal Microsoft development tools, which nobody has shared yet. The dev says that the 512MB doesn't cope well with the service, but 1GB models seem to work fine.

Microsoft's decision not to support them could be due to some kind of future proofing. The new apps for the service may require higher resources than older phones can cope with, especially given the mention of games.

We will have to wait and see what changes the Insider feedback brings. In the meantime, let us know which apps you'd like to see.

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