Windows 10 Mobile: No Anniversary Update Today, Still No Official Date

Reports of the Anniversary Update coming to Windows 10 Mobile proved incorrect. Dona Sarkar confirmed the upgrade will not arrive today and did not say when it will be available.

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Exactly one week ago, started sending out the Windows 10 . The upgrade is rolling out to PC, HoloLens, and Xbox users, but not those running . It has been widely reported that the company would initiate the Anniversary Update for mobile today. However, Microsoft has now said it is not coming today.

Specifically, Windows Insider chief Dona Sarkar said on Twitter that the release is not launching today. You may remember that Microsoft once said that the PC and Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update would launch simultaneously. That later change to the mobile platform getting the release a few weeks later.

Simply put, the company is not committing to a solid timeframe for the roll out. Sarkar was not in the giving mood on Twitter either. She did not offer a date for the Anniversary Update on Windows 10 Mobile. Earlier reports this week suggested the build would launch to unlocked devices today and carrier products in a week's time.

Reason for the Delay

The real question is why the delay is happening. It is certainly not uncommon that a PC build would land before a mobile one. However, there is a lot of uncertainty around Windows phone at the moment. There is no doubt that Microsoft's commitment to its mobile strategy is under scrutiny.

Earlier in the year, the company announced that it would not create any more Lumia hardware. Instead Redmond will focus on supporting Windows 10 Mobile through OEMs in a bid to increase marker presence.

Of course, OEMs are already informed about when they will get the Anniversary Update. Still, consumers on the platform must be worried that Microsoft is continuing to push Windows 10 Mobile further back. The most likely scenario here is that the company is merely putting the finishing touches to the build before launching it.