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Responding to an article by The Verge, Microsoft’s general manager of the Surface line criticized Apple’s policies. The four-year Microsoft employee says that the company is doing its customers a disservice.

He went on to say that Apple is exploiting students by selling them laptops that should stay relevant for four years, but are in fact outdated.


The GM followed his statements with praise for Apple’s new Olympic advert, which is titled “The Human Family.”

Some responded to Hall’s claims with criticism, pointing out the glaring issues with the Surface Pro 3’s battery. It’s hard to argue with the hypocrisy of the GM’s statement, given the fact that the two-year-old device is practically unusable for some.

Apple’s Lineup

The initial complaint from Verge writer Sam Byford focused on Apple’s June 2012 Macbook, which is still on sale today. However, Apple’s lack of hardware updates goes further than that.

The Retina MacBook Pro hasn’t been updated for 442 days, despite the average refresh time being 268 days. Their new Mac Pro desktop hasn’t been innovated on since 2013, and the Mac mini has gone without for 657 days.

“Is the company really saving that much money by using 2012 processors and 4GB of RAM as standard?” Says Byford,“Even an update to Intel’s Haswell chips from 2013 would have brought huge battery life improvements.”

The lack of updates is starting to look a bit like neglect on Apple’s when considering how fast it is updating its mobile line. Rumors point to a new MacbookPro later in the year, but the rest of their product line is still unaddressed.

Some Apple fans would argue that the hardware is offset by a stable and efficient operating system. This is likely true to an extent, but with some devices still only holding 4GB of memory, how much longer will that be true?

You can look at the refresh times of each Apple device yourself on the MacRumours website.