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Microsoft Demos Quick Assist Available Through Windows 10 Anniversary Update

The recently launched Quick Assist feature lets easy desktop sharing that allows users to connect and receive assistance regarding Windows and other PC services.


Microsoft introduced a number of major features with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. We are thinking about Cortana enhancement, a Start Menu change, and Edge extensions as some stand out’s. However, there were also some smaller upgrades made to the platform. One of them is called Quick Assist, and the Windows team discusses it in a new video.

Since the roll out of the Anniversary Update a week ago, Microsoft has been detailing the changes. The company has been doing that mostly through blog posts. In terms of Quick Assist, the company decided to create a video and post it on Twitter.

Essentially, this is an improvement of the remote assistance feature repackaged as Quick Assist. Microsoft says the service is easy to use and eliminates the complexities one may find in Remote Desktop.

Easy Help

The idea is that Quick Assist can be accessed easily and used easily. It is designed for those who may not be sure about the ins and outs of Windows and other services. They can get assistance easily without having to go through a tedious process of relaying information.

The person providing assistance can even draw and mark places on the screen and give detailed information in an efficient manner.

For example, there are only two user options to select from. Both Ask (for help) and Provide (assistance) a fairly self-explanatory. When asking for help, users will have to give a code to make the connection. Microsoft says that the app works across Windows 10 and is compatible with a stylus, which aids in giving assistance.

What Quick Assist does is gives users access to another PC to provide help and guidance. The inclusion of a connection code means only users who want to be connected to another machine will be. Once connected the assister will have control over the PC of those they are helping.

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