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Apple’s financials are directly tied to the success of the iPhone. The device slipped earlier in the year but once again grew in the second quarter. It is a product that simply has a place above any other, rightly or wrongly.

So, when a new iPhone is one the horizon, it is worth paying attention to what it will be. Regarding the upcoming iPhone 7, some early features are being leaked.

The launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus changed the device dramatically. However, the iPhone 6s of 2015 merely brought some incremental changes, as is the norm for an “S” model. So, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus should be coming with a refresh of the design as well as the specs.


Many think Apple has ditched its iconic reputation as an innovator in recent times. It has been left to Android OEMs and even Microsoft (Continuum for example) to create new features. However, Apple was never an innovator, it has always been a company that takes an idea and then defines it. The company did not invent the tablet, MP3 player or smartphone, but its “i” devices defined those sectors.

The consumer market is waiting for Apple to make that next big step. We still remember the company defining fingerprint scanners, gold colorways, and 64-bit processors just a few years ago. Customers waiting for the iPhone 7 may be somewhat disappointed, though.

iPhone 7 Features

Bloomberg Technology cites sources close to the device who say the design with be similar to the iPhone 6s. Those expecting a design refresh will be left waiting at least another year, but what about new features?

A dual-camera appears to be the chief new feature coming to the iPhone. Also included will be a new Home button that uses haptic feedback for pressure sensitive touches. Apple has long toyed with the idea of removing the headphone jack and the iPhone 7 will apparently see that ambition realized.