Windows  Mobile Continuum touchpad official Microsoft video

Last week we wrote about the arrival of the Anniversary Update on Windows 10 Mobile. The official @LumiaIndia Twitter handle confirmed the launch of the update for August 9. However, the tweet was quickly removed, so nothing official actually came from Microsoft. A new report from Windows Central corroborates the Lumia India tweet.

Apparently, Microsoft will launch the Anniversary Update to Windows 10 Mobile tomorrow (August 9). There is some detail to the roll out though as the initial date will be for open market Windows 10 smartphones. These are basically unlocked devices not tied to any carrier, whether they are Lumia handsets or from OEMs.

Smartphones that are running on carrier networks will have to wait a little longer to get the upgrade. The wait will not be too long, with the report pointing to an August 16 roll out of the Anniversary Update for carrier devices.

This practice is familiar on the Android platform. Carriers usually have to test the software. However, it is worth noting that sometimes users have to wait far beyond the initial launch date of a software. Carriers like to splash their own services into builds.

Luckily, Windows 10 Mobile is a platform with a majority of open unlocked devices. That means most users will be getting the Anniversary Update starting tomorrow.

Anniversary Update

Microsoft started pushing out the Anniversary Update to other Windows 10 form factors last week. The company is rolling out the update to Windows 10 PCs and also the Xbox and HoloLens platforms. With a staged upgrade in place, some users may have to wait over the coming months to receive the update.

One of the big changes with the Anniversary Update is that it ties all forms of the Windows 10 ecosystem together. Windows 10 Mobile will see its links to PCs strengthened, which will be ideal for the Continuum feature and applications.