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Microsoft’s New P15 Performance Level for Azure SQL Now Available

P15 offers 4000DTUs, and 1TB of storage, allowing for fast and simultaneous real-time analytics and transaction processing.


The capabilities of 's Azure SQL have been steadily expanding over the past year. As new possibilities arise, however, so does the need for more performance.

To remedy this, Microsoft has made their P15 offering generally available. P15 is over two times more powerful than the current P11, and also comes with a hefty price increase.

P15 costs $16,000 a month, which is $9000 more than the previous leader. The more than doubled price comes with the same performance increase, though, so it's difficult to complain.


The new plan offers 4000DTUs, which will allow for “extremely fast transactional processing and real-time analytics simultaneously.” It also provides up to 1TB of storage.

Senior Program Manager Jan Englesberg said what this means for customers in Microsoft's official blog post:

“With the introduction of P15, we support a broad range of high performance workloads, making SQL Database ideal for moving your on-premises apps to the cloud. You can have peace of mind knowing your database will scale as your application grows. With SQL Database, you can scale on-the-fly to or from P15 and instantly adapt to your changing workload demands when needed – all without application downtime.”

Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Last month, Microsoft announced the general availability of it's SQL Data Warehouse. The Database-as-a-Service platform allows organizations to scale their service to up to 60 times its present computing power in only a matter of seconds.

Using built-in Polybase capability, Azure SQL Data Warehouse can query Hadoop systems directly by enabling a single SQL-based query surface for all available data.

Microsoft states that the platform is embedded with built-in auditing, threat detection and machine learning to help decipher possible query patterns that happen to be malicious.

Azure Active Directory Authentication

Yesterday, senior program manager for SQL Server Security Mirek Sztajno announced that Azure Active Directory Authentication is now available for both of the services.

Azure AD will provide users of and Azure SQL Data Warrehouse with an alternative to SQL authentication. Customers will be able to use a single sing-in to access them, and it mean reduced management  of many usernames and passwords.

The full details about the AD integration are on the Azure blog. There you can also find more about the new P15 performance level.

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