Microsoft Translator Edge Extension Demo Microsoft Official

As we reported earlier today, EdgeHTML 14 brings extensions to the Edge browser for everyone. Well, everyone who has the recently launched Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Microsoft is talking up one of those extensions today, specifically the Microsoft Translator feature.

Of course, translation on a web browser is not new, Google has been doing it for years. However, Microsoft is talking up the feature set of its new extension. Admittedly, it does bring a new dimension of functionality to the Edge browser. Indeed, extensions as a whole concept have already added to the browser experience. Edge simply feels more rounded now.

Enough of the mini-review though and back to the Translator extension. Users with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update can now use the feature to translate webpages into 50+ languages. The extensions also supports copied text, with a right click opening a quick translation option.

The service has only been available to Windows Insiders so far. Microsoft has been pushing out regular preview features to the Insider Program before rolling out the Anniversary Update. Those who are not Insiders will be encountering Edge extensions for the first time. However, the Anniversary Update is on a staged rollout, so it could take a few months to come to you.

Translator on Skype

Microsoft Translator is also integrated into Skype these days. Also coming to the Anniversary Update is the Skype Preview app. The Universal Windows Platform (UWP) application now gets Microsoft Translator integrated. Using the software, users can engage in conversations in 8 different languages.

At the moment, the number of extensions available for Edge is limited to 13 popular choices. However, now that the Anniversary Update is in the wild, developer support will certainly increase. Also, Microsoft will continue to integrate its own services into extension form.