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Microsoft Releases Groove Music Pass for Background Music on Xbox

Gamers can now listen now use the newly released Background Music feature to listen to their favorite music ad free on any device. All this is in addition to streaming and downloading new hits and familiar favorites from millions of songs available.


In the recent Summer update, Microsoft released the much-requested Background Music feature that allows gamers to play background music while playing games. Unfortunately, not all music apps could support this feature. Pandora is slated to in the near future in some markets especially the UK.

Groove pass is, therefore, a torch bearer in demonstrating the consumption of this new feature. As expected, the controls are intuitive without getting in the way of the gaming experience.

According to the official release, Microsoft is advertising the Groove Music Pass as “All the music that moves you and moves with you.” Below are the featured highlights:

New hits and familiar favorites available ad-free

Groove Music Pass allows gamers to easily discover and play tunes fromMicrosoft´s music store.


True mobility allowing the gamer to take the music collection, stream songs or download them on their favorite devices. In addition to allowing mobility and device independence, the music can, of course, be played offline.

Follow a favorite artist

This one is for lazy gamers. They can now discover new music with the radio feature. Based on the genres and favorite artists, Groove Music Pass creates custom stations for the gamer.

Select the mood, not the song

Whether working out or taking a walk in the park or just watching the sun set, you can now select playlists to fit the mood.

One Drive Storage

The last featured highlight is the ability to add MP3s to OneDrive with the Groove Music app. Even iTunes tracks will always be available.

Based on the terms of payment it appears that Microsoft is confident about the Groove Music Pass. Gamers will only get a 30-day trial which will automatically continue to a monthly subscription of $9.99 per month. The trial period is not available for prior Zune Pass trial users.

Microsoft also appears to remain vigilant on the prevention of multi-user licenses. Even if up to 4 devices can download music simultaneously, you can only stream to one device.

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