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Microsoft Bringing UWP Dev Center to Xbox This Month

The launch of Windows Anniversary/Xbox One Summer Update means Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps are now available on Xbox. Microsoft has confirmed that developers will be able to start creating applications later this month.


Over the weekend, issued the Xbox One Summer Update. This is essentially the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (which launched today) for the console. There are new features aplenty to coincide with the launch of S (also available today). However, the Anniversary Update also has a wider aspiration to deliver Microsoft's Universal Windows Platform (UWP).

The Xbox platform ties very much into the company's Universal Windows plans. In fact it is at the heart of them with games playable across devices. Users will also be able to get the same Windows 10 experience on their console as they would on a PC.

Starting with the Summer Update, there is now support for UWP apps on the Xbox through the Windows Store. We have already seen some early examples of this functionality, such as the Netflix and VLC media player UWP apps.

Opening UWP for Developers

Those are Microsoft's own selections, the company has not yet detailed how developers can work with UWP and Xbox. That will change in the coming weeks, with the company saying dev tools and details will arrive this month. Microsoft hopes taking the shackles off developers across Windows 10 will lead to a breaking of floodgates.

Confirming the launch of a new Dev Center, Microsoft says:

Later this month, we'll have a post on new Dev Center features and will share more detail on getting Xbox apps targeting the Windows 10 Anniversary Update SDK into the Windows Store.”

The Xbox is actually the last in line. With the launch of the Anniversary Update SDK, developers can use the Project Centennial Desktop Bridge to port Win32 apps to PC, mobile, and HoloLens. That functionality went live today.

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