Pokemon go google reuse

PoGo-UWP is still in beta, but it works fairly well for such an early version. However, you cannot expect the app to be fully featured or bug-free. There are some issues and missing features, but they’ll be coming soon.

PoGo-UWP Features:

  • “Login with Pokemon™ Trainer Club accounts
  • Similar UI as the Android/iOS version but 2D only
  • Use the map to see both Pokemons and PokeStops near your location
  • Catch Pokemons
  • Visit PokeStops and get new items”

For some of the missing features, they’ll be coming soon:

  • “Improve layout/UI/animations
  • Fix crashes
  • Add Google Login support
  • Make better code
  • Add eggs support
  • Add Pokedex and inventory management
  • Add gyms support”

Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobiles users have been pinning for Pokémon Go lately. A Change.org petition with almost 1,00,000 signatures has already been signed to bring the game to Microsoft’s platform. Even representatives from the company have stated that they’re working on it. But none of this has worked out for Pokémon Go fans using Windows 10 Mobile.

This brings us to the PoGo-UWP client. You cannot find the app on Windows Store but can download and install necessary files from GitHub. You’ll have to follow some steps to get the app running on your Windows 10 Mobile phone.