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Mojang Releases Minecraft Update 0.15.4 for Windows 10 and Pocket Edition

The 0.15.4 update fixes many issues, as well as increasing draw distance and tweaking the performance and HUD in VR.


Following the announcement of Oculus Rift support yesterday, Mojang has released Minecraft Update 0.15.4. The changes add a new skin pack, some tweaks, and several fixes.

The changelog was released on their blog today by Marsh Davies, Mojang's writer and illustrator. Fair warning – it's a long one:


New Features:

  • Villains skin pack!


  • More localization fixes.
  • Fixed the HUD moving when riding an animal in VR.
  • Fixed a few texture issues.
  • Some tweaks to Gear VR edition performance & experience.
  • Increased draw distance for Win 10 edition.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed comfort issues caused by rain & snow in your face in VR.
  • Lead lines no longer disconnect from the hand when jumping in Immersive Mode in Gear VR.
  • Leads now display the correct texture & don't cause crashes in Gear VR.
  • Fixed a crash on the inventory screen.
  • Horse container screen now keeps labels visible.
  • Bone meal and spawn eggs now consumed in Survival mode.
  • B button to quit from main menu works on Win 10 edition now.
  • Fixed a crash when creating or entering a new world.
  • Fixed a crash when traveling the world with render distance set to maximum.
  • Worlds with UTF-8 symbols in their name are now displayed in the Play tab for Win 10.
  • Fixed some issues with players creating new realms.”

The tweaks are mostly VR-focused, but an increased draw distance on Windows 10 is still a significant change for regular users. The crash fixes are also welcome, as they were incredibly frustrating in the rare cases that they did happen.

Changes that rolled out exclusively to Play users in 0.15.3 have also been included in the patch. Due to the length, I won't include all of the bug fixes, but here are the major tweaks:

  • “Multiplayer invite screen text alignment fixed
  • Tweaks to moving blocks to make them work better & more consistently
  • Fixes to horse breeding to make it consistent with other versions
  • Tweaks to atlas generation
  • Tweaked some Realms purchase functions
  • Small tweak to mouse controls
  • Store screen layout scales better now”

The included skin pack is available for $1.99, though as usual, you get a couple for free. Gamers will be able to play characters inspired by endermen, silverfish and lava monsters.

The full changelog is available on the Mojang Blog.

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