Windows Device Recovery Tool Welcome Microsoft Official WIndows  Screenshot

Microsoft launched an update for the Windows Device Recovery Tool on Thursday. The company issued a compulsory update for the service, which will download automatically. Like a similar upgrade last month, Microsoft has expanded device support for the Device Recovery Tool.

The Windows Device Recovery Tool gives users an easy access service for getting the latest versions of Windows. Users can get the latest builds and software fixes through the tool. In terms of mobile this means bringing Windows 10 Mobile builds to customers.

Microsoft announced device support from the following OEMs with the latest update: BLU, XOLO, MICROMAX, KM, DIGINNOS, INVERSENET, JENESIS, MCJ and FREETEL

These kinds of updates to Windows Device Recovery Tool are frequent. Basically, when new smartphones are launched on the Windows 10 Mobile platform, Microsoft updates the tool. This month it is good news for users of the above brands as they can now pull in Windows phone software easily.

OEM Commitment

It is arguable that Microsoft’s willingness to maintain the tool speaks of the company’s commitment to its mobile platform. A few months ago Redmond announced it will pull out of making Lumia smartphone hardware. Instead Microsoft said it will focus on supporting Windows 10 Mobile on OEMs.

Keeping up to date with the recovery tool shows the company is staying true to that commitment. The latest update also makes changes to the HoloLens Recovery and fixes some known bugs.

In June Microsoft issued an update for the Windows Device Recovery Tool that brought support for more handsets. During that update brought support for NuAns Neo and the VAIO Phone Biz, while also offering support for the Yezz Billy 4.7 and the Unistrong T536.

The new download update is available here