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Showpad Announces Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration

Showpad's data can now be fed directly into Microsoft Dynamics through an installable package. The startup hopes the integration will let sales managers coach reps more effectively.


Self-labelled as “the #1 Content Activation Platform,” Showpad provides a unified service to help businesses align their and marketing. The startup closed $50M in Series C funding to help continue its growth, which has resulted in collaboration with .

The CRM integration allows sales reps to receive Showpad's insights directly into the application. This gives them visibility into the content shared with prospects.

Sales teams can also view how prospects have engaged with the shared content, providing detailed insights that they say will help:

“1. Sales reps to prioritize and tailor their next steps.

2. Sales managers to coach reps on specific opportunities.

3. Sales leaders to identify deals at risk and deliver a more accurate forecast.”

Collections Feature

Sales people can also use Dynamics to gain access to data from Showpad's new “Collections” feature. Collections are personalized presentations that you can share with customers, with reports to show how easily they were engaged with.

The information is fed directly into Dynamics and companies can tailor it to reflect their next steps. For example, when it's shared to another in an organization, reps can use the information to find other stakeholders.

Showpad explains the core benefits of the integration in its blog post:

“The integration is meant to help sales teams be more productive and effective. It also gives executive leaders better insights, so they can run their business better and forecast revenue more accurately.

Specifically, sales managers can understand reps' activities and more effectively coach on an individual opportunity based on content shared and a prospect's engagement with that information. If a salesperson says she'll close a deal by the end of the quarter, her manager can do a sanity check on that forecast.”

To start using Showpad in Microsoft Dynamics, all you have to do is install the package. For those who haven't yet used it, Showpad offers a free trial of its software and a demonstration.

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