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Oculus Rift Support Coming to Minecraft in the next Few Weeks

The Windows 10 version of the game will soon work with the Rift and will feature enhanced VR controls and a virtual living room. Though there is no exact release date yet, the update is expected very soon.


and Mojang announce the news to coincide with the games' one year anniversary on the platform. The upgrade will come free of charge as a thank-you for continued support.

Though Oculus support has existed for the Java version for some time, gamers have given mixed reviews. This time, however, the Rift support has the combined strength of Mojang, Microsoft, and Oculus behind it.

Tweaks and Features

To combat the tiredness that comes with room scale immersion, the team has built in virtual living room support. Players on the Rift can jump back out of the game and play through a fake television. This should help solve some of the motion sickness fans had been reporting in the unofficial version, whilst also giving a break from activity.

's controls have also been tweaked to better suit a VR . Small changes to the way character's jump, run and walk should make the experience feel smoother. Moving your head will steer the character, and the cursor now sticks to blocks while digging so you can look around.

Windows 10 Minecraft users will benefit from the new turning system that has been implemented to combat disorientation. Rather than moving in a smooth arc, the dev team has made it so that you move in snappy increments.

Mojang stresses that all of these features are optional and can be toggled off if users don't like them. They do recommend them, however, as they believe it makes the experience far better.

To compliment the new announcement, Mojang has released a free map. The rollercoaster world is sure to feel brilliant when VR support arrives in a few weeks, and a new villain themed skin pack will allow for even more customization.

More information about Minecraft in VR is available on the official website.

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