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The Insider t-shirt design contest has come to a close, and Microsoft is now inviting customers to vote for their favorite.

The seven designs range from dinosaurs to flying skulls, and voting closes tomorrow.

Before entering, contestants had to sign up for the Windows Insider Program and a TechRewards account.

The winner will get the shirt for free, as well as the knowledge that their design will be gracing the bodies of enthusiasts all over the world.

The Designs

All of the designs seem like strong contenders. The shirts had a strict set of criteria which have been followed well:

“Make sure your design will display clearly on either a blue or grey T-shirt (examples shown below)

Add one of the official Windows logos from the folder located here. You may use the Windows logo in full (symbol + text) or just the Windows symbol by itself

Include the words “Windows Insider Program” or “Windows Insiders” or “Windows Insider”

Use only original graphics and text (English only, please)

No third party design elements

No photography”

The t-shirts appeal to a variety of audiences, so it will probably be a close vote. My personal favourites are the “buildin’ since 9841,” the “bug crusher,” and the light blue tee with illustrated outlines. My vote eventually went to the last one, though I’m not a fan of the shirt it is displayed on.

Let us know what your favourites are, and don’t forget to vote on the Insider Surveys page.