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Microsoft Cuts Windows 10 Mobile Work Around for Unsupported Smartphones

A Windows Insider Program workaround that lets old Lumia users experience Windows 10 Mobile has been shut down by Microsoft.


has brought the axe down and no longer allows for unsupported devices. It seems as though Microsoft is throwing its lot behind Windows 10 Mobile and the Anniversary Update. The news means that some Windows users on mobile devices will never see Windows 10 Mobile, let alone the Anniversary Update.

owners running Lumia devices and some select other handsets could get Windows 10 Mobile. Microsoft announced earlier in the year that the only caveat was that users were part of the Windows Insider Program.

Some of those devices were officially cut off from the Fast Ring when Microsoft rolled out Windows 10 Mobile to end users. However, by accessing the Release Preview ring, users were still able to work around and enjoy Windows 10 Mobile.

Reports now suggest that Microsoft has finally swung the axe, stopping users from using the Release Preview workaround. It leaves users on older builds with decisions to make. For the Windows Phone 8.1 crowd, it's easy, they will never be able to update again.

For those who grabbed the Windows 10 November Update, it is more complex. They can opt to stick on that intermediatory update or roll back to Windows Phone 8.1.

A Good Decision?

The real question here is why Microsoft has taken this decision? We have heard plenty of older Windows devices running poorly on Windows 10 Mobile. If Insider feedback matched that feeling then the company probably decided to leave those older devices on a stable platform. That decision means users will forever be stuck on Windows Phone 8.1.

A more cynical view would be that Microsoft is cutting cost. The company has long been accused of not investing in its mobile business. Considering this year's decision to pull back on mobile hardware, this could be another example of Microsoft saving a buck and focusing on Windows 10.

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Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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