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ESET Remote Administrator VM Now on Microsoft Azure

The Virtual Machine was previously usable with Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services but has now expanded to Microsoft's popular Azure platform. The product gives administrator's an easy way to access the security environments of their users.


ESET is best known for its anti-virus software, but the company's virtual machine solution has remained popular in administration environments. Now the service has been expanded further with integration into Microsoft's Azure platform.

With Azure availability, the security firm expands businesses' options by allowing management of physical and virtual desktops on the cloud.

“Addressing the real-life problems of security administrators at small companies or large enterprises has always been a priority at ESET,” said Gerald Choung, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, ESET North America. “ERA for Azure streamlines security management for businesses of all sizes, saving precious time and resources for IT professionals.”

The cloud deployment offers the advantage of easy control that does not require additional resources. Housed in a separate location, it is immune to on-premises server crashes and downtime. According to ESET, this “minimizes risk, enhances compliance and shortens remediation times.”

Microsoft's Director of Security Tim Rains says that robust security solutions are essential for businesses in this day and age. He believes that the new integration “provides the benefits of cloud scale, agility and reliability for businesses who want to manage their ESET security solutions from the cloud with ERA Virtual Machine.”

Remote Administrator Update

Complimenting the new cloud integration is an overall update to the Remote Administrator service. It adds a post installation wizard for a simpler setup, as well as a redesigned mobile interface and automatic CSV imports.

An improved web interface allows IT Administrators to get a full overview of its use for easy linking between users and data. The tool has now extended to Windows servers in addition to its availability as a virtual appliance.

The official changelog is as follows:

“Refactored agent deployment processes, with more options for a diversity of networks sizes.

New installer with more installation options.

ERA appliance simplified for Small & Medium Businesses.”

ESET Remote Administrator's update and Azure integration makes it an even more attractive user management tool and marks Microsoft's continued expansion.The cost of Azure integration comes at no extra cost, as existing licenses cover the price.

Full details of the integration are available from the ESET website.

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