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As stated in the original complaint, the issues were said to have occurred shortly after the product’s warranty expired.

Two most common points observed using the powercfg utility and by collecting user testimonies were:

  • The abysmal decline in charge capacity to just one or two hours max.
  • Most units affected were using SIMPLO batteries.

Li-ion batteries typically suffer from capacity degradation as charge cycles increase over its repeated use. However, because the issue occurs just shortly after warranty expiration, it happens within only about a one-year period. Such short time span cannot account for the reported level of charge capacity degradation.

Surface tablets are certainly not the best when it comes to 2-in-1 hybrid battery life. But starting with the Surface Pro 2 onwards, the brand has consistently advertised its products as capable performing well within a single day use.

As such, there is considerable concern that the increased incidents might cause harm to the Surface brand’s current performance reputation. This might even put the Surface Pro 4’s reliability into question, should one single similar incident occur with it.

Microsoft has responded to these complaints so far with standard auto analysis procedures. The company has also rolled out a not-really-convenient offer to replace the unit for $500.